node.the fat

Earn Interest on your Crypto

The Fat Penguin Node is a cryptocurrency validator located in Media, Pennsylvania.

Professionally hosted, on site, with dedicated bare metal servers behind a custom next-gen firewall.

Currently operating on the Cardano network with more to follow.


Redundant hardware, network failover, and constant alert monitoring.

99.8% uptime so that we never miss the oppurtunity to mint a block.

Yes, block rewards keep the node running and provide roi for our stakers, but we're also idealists.

We believe in the technology behind todays cryptocurrencies and it's important to us to do our part to form a reliable network.


Our node run on dedicated bare metal hardware on site with a gigabit network connection.

We are consistently in sync with the blockchain with a block delay of less than 2 seconds.

Yes, our hardware is overkill, but it was important to us that we build a high performance, future proof node.

After all, we believe in this.


Security is first priority.

The technology Cardano is built on makes your stake completely safe, but maintaining a secure node is crucial to gauranteeing node reliability and rewards.

Staying up to date on security practices is crucial to safely operating a validator node.

Protected by multiple layers of next generation hardware and software firewalls, our node runs on different physical machines along with air-gapped computers.

Our node is regularly audited and intrusion tested to ensure the most secure setup possible.